PREMEX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - Industriale Macchinari Fornitore



Premex International Limited provide industrial machinery from european sources. We connect the supplier and customer
around the world. Our goal is to be the best Paper machinery traders in Asia. We will give our best on mechanical, electrical,instrumentation technical, and other engineering services and supplier. Our product include :

  • Paper and Board Machines
  • Paper Machine Parts
  • Stock Preparation Equipment -- Complete stock preparation lines including pulpers, screens, cleaners, refiners, deflakers, tanks, turbo separators, trommel screen, de-inking
  • Waste Paper Handling --  Examination and expertise. We are dedicated to stay ahead in competitive market and eager to serve our client sincerely
  • Pulp Mill Equipment
  • Tissue Paper Machines
  • Paper Converting and Handling -- Slitter rewinder, Sheet cutters, Wrapping lines, guilotines, coaters, calender, supercalenders, embossing calenders
  • Tissue Converting
  • Effluent Plant and Dewatering
  • Paper Mill Ancillary Equipment -- Starch Kitchens, compressors, polymer delivery, pumps
  • Power and Steam Generation
  • Groundwood Plants